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While she was slicing, another worker walked up and mentioned her gloves and she stated “I was just cleaning that one slicer.” The other lady shrugged her shoulders and walked away.Once she was done, I asked her what she was cleaning the slicer with.He was one of the original starters for One Stop Shopping.Ahead of his time, Kroger was the first merchant to offer self-service.She asked if I wanted her to change her gloves and slice fresh meat, but I denied because the entire block of ham was now contaminated.I let the manager know on the way out how disgusted I was with the staff slicing my lunch meat with dirty gloves on.I found out today that they can follow the walmart.00 list for meds. Apparantly you have made the same mistake other businessess have made and allowed your politics to seep into your customer base.We are on fixed incomes with no prescription coverage and have been paying hundreds of dollars per month in medication costs. I know you will continue to be succesful, but I also know that there are many more like me, that would prefer to spend their hard earned dollars at your competitors.

In 1983, Kroger acquired the Dillon Companies, a Kansas grocery chain. Many other acquisitions followed in recent years including Pay Less Food Markets, Hilander Foods and Scott’s Food & Pharmacy. In April of 2016, the company announced that they had taken a significant share in the Lucky supermarket chain. I was tardy twice, but the third time I was tardy was not my fault.

The lady came walking from where they prep their chicken and had gloves on.

She asked what she could get me and never bothered to take her gloves off.

I told her what I wanted and watched to see if she was going to put on clean gloves since she was just cleaning a dirty slicer.

She grabbed the boars head ham, with her dirty gloves, set it on the slicer, and sliced my meat.

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