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I liked that and tried to show interest in the way things were going. In spite of the initial disappointments, I have always known that I love men's bodies - smooth or hairy, muscular or soft , especially their cocks, their balls, their cum, and their asses.Steve ordered the last round of drinks and said he was taking his to his room. When we reached our floor, we chatted briefly before going in opposite directions. However, if they want to have pleasure with me, they must be as respectful and appreciative as I am of them. He knelt between my legs and began to caress my ass to relax me. Then I felt his knees push against my legs spreading me wider. Increasingly, he would push his penis into me but my body wasn't yielding yet. He stopped, pulled me to my knees and then immediately reentered me. The only thing I felt was the twitching of his cock as his balls pumped semen into my ass. As I lay there, I felt waves of emotions pass over me. He leaned over me and I felt his hard cock sliding between my cheeks, pausing over my anus. I could see my cock flailing between my legs and see the tip glistening with pre-cum. I felt his cock tense and then his thrusting stopped.We talked, caught up on work changes before exhausting that topic and moving onto to personal lives.

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It didn't turn me off to same sex relationships, but did help me identify my mental and emotional blocks to playing with another man. That's what you really meant when you typed that, right? I mean, it's a better situation, sure, but...' 'Let's take our drinks up to my room and see how things go. That's the only reason I'm agreeing to this.' I left the bar and headed to my room. As I stood there naked seeing myself in the mirror, I thought about what was about to happen. I had a water bottle there, so I gave my self a quick cleansing enema. He had changed clothes and was more casual; jeans and T shirt, no shoes. His fingers moved lower and he began to finger my asshole. 'Don't move,' he said as he went to the vanity area. I was so attracted to him that I truly felt that I am "gay" and now that word doesn't bother me at all.Her cuckold husband love watching and then joining the fun and she really loves getting fucked by her man's horny friends.Scroll down for the full gallery of this cuck sharing his wife - and watch how much pleasure she gets from the gangbang!But the intriguing thing I remember is his reference to being given an extra big suite this stay. Just going with the flow, I guess.' 'So would you do it again? I guess I'm a little slow on the uptake, but as I look back, that may have been a disguised invitation to 'see' his hotel room.

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