Nestors cup dating from

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e dubitavo dell’interpretazione μένε̄ = μένει: sono grato a M.

Peters di avermi incoraggiato ad adottare quest’ultima soluzione, che ora mi sembra l’unica giusta” (Cassio 1991–192n25).

But he had to accept that the loss of ϝ in Arcadian between vowels and after ν and its preservation after ρ supported Hoffmann’s view.

The second objection regards his construal of as μένει.

He writes: “In un primo tempo avevo pensato a μένε imperativo …

Scholars have disagreed whether intervocalic and postconsonantal -ϝ- were lost contemporaneously.

On the basis of different reconstructions of Attic reversion, Hoffmann (1891–1898:3.344) thought that -ϝ- had been lost earlier between vowels than after rho.

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