My husband has a video of a women from webcam24

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But I owed this to my husband, my sole mate, the father of our children, I owed this to the children and I owed this to myself.

So I went asking questions and listened to other tragic stories and got many of the answers I was seeking.

It was evident that many other people had lost so much, when they themselves had finally made the decision to tell their partner – they lost their family, home, friends and job.

So please join the conversation here on the blog, through facebook or twitter.I had talked to each of the kids before my final decision and they were clear about one thing – they wanted us to stay together.So, for seven more years we lived as a very unconventional family – me, the kids and an aunt and we ran a support group for other transgendered people and their families, to help them work through this painful and difficult time in their lives.I had known for a long time that my husband was different, and I had fallen in love with him because of who he was.He had struggled all his life with gender dysphoria, not sure why he loved being feminine and secretly wearing feminine clothes but also being totally happy as a man.

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