Model updating using operational data

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Exporting data with TCC requires an export definition as well as an export configuration.You can think of the export definition (the same applies to import definition later) as the specification of the data objects in the Taleo Cloud such as a Candidate, Application, Employee Goal, etc.The Taleo set of Cloud Offerings such as Recruiting, Performance, Learn, Onboarding, etc.come with a powerful tool for configuring and managing batch-style integration requirements both for import as well as export scenarios.The export configuration defines the integration process workflow that sends the request to the Taleo Cloud service and later retrieves the response file asynchronously.

In that wizard reference the export definition from above and confirm the endpoint of the Taleo Cloud Service.

along with the selection of attributes, filtering of data, and sorting of the result set.

In order to create an export configuration we select File - New Export Wizard from the menu.

In the Filters tab one can specify simple and complex filter criteria for the data to be exported.

In our example we simply chose to filter for Candidates living in San Diego: Note that we can use the same drag & drop of attributes from the entity view on the right hand side into the field area that first defaults to ‘path’.

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