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"Some want to dig in, (Greitens) has a few defenders.

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The governor convened a conference call Thursday with donors, and Eric and Sheena Greitens later spent the afternoon dialing Senate and then House lawmakers, reiterating their public statements and their resolve to move forward.The governor apologized for his affair, the Republican said, but also denied any misconduct beyond that — instead blaming those allegations on "liberal media and Democrats trying to destroy him." The lawmaker pushed back, expressing disappointment at the governor's excuse.But their united front to some lawmakers was consistent with the public response by Eric and Sheena Greitens, who acknowledged the affair in their initial statement as "a deeply personal mistake" by the governor."Eric took responsibility, and we dealt with this together honestly and privately," they said in a joint statement released Wednesday.The approval for sex dating may also be credited to the proven fact that it offers the safeness of meeting many of us without the compulsion of divulging private info instantly.Also, you can date at any point of the day or night!

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