Millionare and dating

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We didn’t want money issues to negatively impact our family.Over the course of the next couple years, I made it my mission to learn about personal finance, investing, entrepreneurship and lifestyle design.When I was 30, I decided to achieve financial freedom before adopting our daughter because I didn’t want to repeat our parent’s experiences.Both my husband and I grew up with young, struggling, work-all-the-time parents and quite frankly, that often stunk.Would it surprise you to learn that my husband and I rent instead of own our home, share a car, and don’t subscribe to cable TV?

My choice to form a family through adoption rather than pregnancy was a decision I made when I was an idealistic teenager.Our family lives a typical middle-class lifestyle with one fantastic exception– we only work when we want to.Financial freedom affords us the gift of free time.My father had always been (and continues to be, even in his 70’s) a workaholic — my siblings, his grandkids and I have always wished he’d figured out a way to work less and spend more time with us instead.As a young adult, I dropped out of college and spent the next couple of years drifting from one minimum wage job to another, paying more attention to the boys I was dating than to my financial future.

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