Mile high dating

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It doesn’t mean you should put “survivalist” on your profile.) Reason #4: Appearance centric thinking.

Ok Cupid found that both men and women tend to message people more attractive than themselves.

This desire to build and cultivate community gives The League an edge over other apps that exist solely on your screens.

Reason #2: There’s old school etiquette that hasn’t been reshaped for this brave new world.

(That’s why Bumble leaves it up to women to make contact.) Reason #3: Why ARE profiles so inaccurate?

Yes, there are a certain amount of people posting photos when they were 50 pounds lighter or 30 years younger, but incongruent profiles aren’t just appearance.

Or we feel overwhelmed and a twinge guilty if WE are the ones fielding forty messages a day and can’t possibly reply to each one.

This pattern tends to be gendered, and that’s one factor that’s survived from traditional dating – men swipe right and initiate contact almost twice as often as women on most dating apps.

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