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Kirsten meets another recovering alcoholic, while Sandy, Seth and Ryan deal with her absence at home.

Sandy tries to encourage Kirsten to come home, but her friendship with Charlotte keeps her at rehab.

He added that "graduating from high school is such a sentimental moment for kids and parents.

Meanwhile, Caleb's will leaves the family in shock and Jimmy in trouble.Taylor schemes with Seth and Dean Hess' feud, but Summer finds a way to backfire.Meanwhile, Charlotte arrives in Newport with big plans for Kirsten. Also, Julie may no longer be considered a Newport Beach socialite. Sandy, Seth and Summer find a way to blackmail Dean Hess into letting Ryan back into Harbor.Other actors to leave the series were Nicholas Gonzalez (D.J.), Michael Cassidy (Zach), Shannon Lucio (Lindsay), Olivia Wilde (Alex), Billy Campbell (Carter), Kim Delaney (Rebecca), Johnny Messner (Lance), Kathleen York (Renee), and Marguerite Moreau (Reed).

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