Methods for volcanic dating

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Pratt goes on to challenge many of the basic tenets of the plate tectonic theory to include the most fundamental concept of plates sliding over the lubricating asthenosphere.It seems as though the lithosphere, which makes up the solid plates, averages 70 km thick beneath the oceans and at least 125 to 250 km thick beneath the continents.In other words, pulling or pushing forces would crush or fracture the crust before the forces could be transmitted to the rest of the plate.It is somewhat like trying to pull a train engine with dental floss.Evidence for significant amounts of submerged continental crust in the present-day oceans provides another major challenge to plate tectonics.

IMAP president David Rothman said that doctor's who took part were violating their oath to 'do no harm'.

The two-year report from Ethics Abandoned: Medical Professionalism And Detainee Abuse In The War On Terror - supported by the Institute on Medicine as a Profession (IMAP) and the Open Society Foundations - lays the blame squarely at the door of the Department of Defense and the CIA.

The 19-man panel claims that the DOD and the CIA ordered their physicians to engage in 'abusive interrogation' techniques, including 'consulting on conditions of confinement to increase the disorientation and anxiety of detainees'.

It refers to the gravitational sinking of the subducted slabs as they slide under the edges of continental shelves.

Of course, subduction does not happen for the edges of plates that are largely continental because continental crust cannot be subducted due to its relatively low density.

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