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Moreover, the prohibition against forcing a widow to remarry was extended to widowed concubines.

Tablets for concubine-mothers seem to have been more commonly placed in family ancestral altars and genealogies of some lineages listed concubine-mothers.

Concubines could be taken without any of the ceremonies used in marriages, and neither remarriage nor a return to her natal home in widowhood were allowed.

The position of the concubine was generally inferior to that of the wife.

Concubinage was highly popular before early 20th century all over Asia.The prevalence of concubinage and the status of rights and expectations of a concubine have varied among cultures, as have the rights of children of a concubine.Whatever the status and rights of the concubine, they were always inferior to those of the wife and typically neither she nor her children had rights of inheritance.While forms of long-term sexual relationships and co-habitation short of marriage have become increasingly common in the Western world, these are generally not described as concubinage.The terms concubinage and concubine are used today primarily when referring to non-marital partnerships of earlier eras.

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