Materialism dating

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That implies conspicuous consumption, not idealism. Yeah the entire world is pretty much materialistic but it's been that way forever.People have always been greedy and looking out for themselves.In and of itself, the main idea of this, and previous rants, is reflected in the conflict between survival and excess.

Well, people do believe that because they're brainwashed into believing just that. But when you've lead a live devoted to nothing more that accumulation of goods and all of a sudden they're all taken away, what exactly are you left with? You just got to play with toys for a while, toys that gave you a number of bragging rights but nothing, absolutely nothing of a spiritual nature. But the truth is that people are simply brainwashed into thinking "my (fill in the blanks) is better than yours". Hopefully if we ultimately fail, we'll leave enough behind for something else to come along and pick up where we left off. And lost our way, did we ever have our 'way' in the first place? I think the natural evolution of this is the age of awareness and I do see changes particularly when it comes to those teaching business techniques and understanding the true people factor.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.MATERIALISM By Mo My principal belief is the equality of humans, **** socialism, collectivism, screw it all.In a world full of natural resources, advanced democratic principals, humanitarian organizations, and laissez-faire capitalism and all its supposed benefits, how is it that so much destruction is going on around us? Greed is what runs through our veins, it drives our collective conscious, intrinsically demanding us to get as much as we can, at whatever cost, for the sole purpose of advancing our status in a given society.We are entrenched in the belief that individual material wealth will set us free, leading us to a life of unequivocal self grandeur.

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