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Neuman appear on the screen, followed by the Mad TV logo.The theme song, performed by the hip-hop group Heavy D & the Boyz, begins.Curtis (Artie Lange) catches her daughter (Debra Wilson) smoking cigarettes on That's My White Mama; A news reporter (Mary Scheer) repeats nearly verbatim everything her colleagues say; Parody of Lethal Weapon where Murtaugh (Orlando Jones) works with a new partner, Montell Jordan (Phil La Marr): Lethal Weapon 4, Lethal Talkin'; Claudia Schiffer stars in a parody of James Bond films: Jane Bond, For Your Files Only; Spy vs.

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Spy: Microbomb; Overprotective mother (Nicole Sullivan) and teenage daughter (Mary Scheer); Racism vs Spam; Peter Marshall hosts First to a Million; Don Martin: Couple/Inflatable Lifesaver; Apollo the 13th: Jason Takes Nasa; Mulatto Entertainment Association; Cookin' with Sherry (Mary Scheer); Circus guy; Homeland Improvement; Like a Rolling Stone video clip. Spy: Umbrella/Down the Drain; The Vancome Lady (Nicole Sullivan) mistreats the patients at the hospital; Lying; Woody Allen (David Herman) Action Flick: Crimes, Misdemeanors and Payback; Sex Therapist; Dennis Rodman (Orlando Jones) recommends white people to stay away from the NBA; Family Feed; Republican Gladiators; Don Martin: Fishing; Drug Abuse; Other White Meat. Plates; When We Knew...; Calvin Klein; Stop Smoking; Oprah Winfrey (Debra Wilson) Severe Traumas; Swimming Pool; Vague; Clueless of the Lambs; A mad moment from Dana Gould; Don Martin: Harp Fall; Movie trailer referencing lots of other movies; Nicole Sullivan in Party of Five; Spy vs. talk shows; Octoroon (Bryan Callen); Don Martin: Surgery/Castaways; Gump Fiction; Scat Chat; Spy vs.The first season's cast was a mixture of seasoned television and film veterans like La Marr, Herman, and Scheer, and relatively unknown newcomers like Callen, Jones, Lange, Sullivan, and Wilson.The cast was one of the most ethnically diverse sketch comedy casts of the 1990s, with one Native American (and half Irish) man, one Jewish-American man, two African-American men, one African-American woman, two white men and two white women.This season also produced several enduring celebrity parodies like Oprah Winfrey (Wilson), Tom Hanks (Herman) in Gump Fiction and Dennis Rodman (Jones) making a public service announcement.Unlike Saturday Night Live, Mad TV had no celebrity hosts during its first season.

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