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That's just the thing I was thinking when I was checking out the stills in Fritz's review.

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The appeal is limited for me as the victim is fully dressed and nothing much happens. Nothing really special here.other than maybe an imaginative segment where the evil person turns into a murder of crows. Murder of Crows See, that what they call a group of crows. Grade: LTL: Thanks for the Evil Spirits edition of Which One Has the GIMP? The horror genre offers so many wonderful opportunities to inject some GIMP moments into mainstream cinema.== === Oh, I forgot to mention about Ralphus telling us about: And speaking of reviews, check out Review #15 at the Internet Movie Database. I enjoyed the detailed review and your comments about the producer's intentions confirm that you are someone who will continue to make important contributions.I share your concerns about wimpy whipping scenes (let's hope J. and Dan Hawke are paying attention) although I hope I never see one that's so bad it nearly brings me to tears.Plus it's such a simple effect to do, just break out the spritzer bottle! Well let me rephrase....a pouty lower lip, but with a thin upper has always been my favorite look.And wrote: In relation to the discussion about over-inflated breasts, I'd like to register a complaint about another trend that really chaps my ass - over-plumped lips. Oh, and one last little tit-bit about Heidi's implants.

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