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You're going to see things in tabloids and pictures, and you have people gossiping and making up their own stories, but I will never speak about my personal life.Chmerkovskiy: I think the show never had a couple like Meryl and me.That passion, that togetherness and that look in each other's eyes — yes, some of it was necessary for the dances to be what they needed to be from a performance standpoint.We connected right away and it was extremely creative.'s Meryl Davis on toughest routine, chemistry with Maks and what's next Almost every season without fail, there's a huge Maks temper tantrum midway.

"I'm absolutely hoping Maks comes back to the show.

Gurl HAD to anticipate that this would be a possibility!

Here's hoping that whatever left-over emotions and heartbreak there may be will translate well into an especially FIERCE competition, come March!

They're the only reason I have the life I have now.“I think it’s awesome we have a massive history,” says Chmerkovskiy, 35.

People who work in a uniform are usually dedicated to their profession - police officers, firefighters, nurses, doctors, pilots. They have crazy schedules and little time for flakes.

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