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Models and photographers are taken to their location by van.Two or three guards make sure nobody is watching and all is done within 20 minutes or less.Sunny Pei and many other TBA models have done that.Of course there is also the possibility the playground is located inside a huge private mansion outside of Chiang Rai.They become amateur model freelancers by posting photos and profiles online on Facebook, Yurgita, Model Mayhem and similar platforms like Instagram.Many hobby photographers and semi-professional shooters hit them up for portfolio sessions. Possibly, I already mentioned that Sonia Fong is my ex-girlfriend from Bangkok.At that time people were mislead to believe she was Chinese.

Her beauty is timeless and her vintage shots look like from today.Tuk Tuk Patrol is the newest sex movie site from Thailand.Original content with normal to ordinary Thai women who enjoy being picked up for sex.The images of her masturbation scene are so prestine and crispy sharp, you can observe traces of fresh pussy juice on her transparent dildo. Don't you wish your Thai girlfriend would be hot like Bangkok model Xanny?One of the most popular freelance models from Thailand just released some of her first topless photos on an European nude art site. Shooting nudes on public playgrounds is a serious misdemeanor in many cuntries and cities. Public nudity shootings are conducted during early morning hours on Sundays or Holidays, normally. The lights are great during this time of the day in summer.

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