Libra woman dating a cancer man

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When she comes back out of her shell, it will be important for you talk to her about her grieving and let her know that it is understandable and necessary, and that you are there for her when she needs someone to listen.Don't try to fix anything (because in this case, you can't anyway), instead, just listen.Virgo man is reliable and stable, with steady outlooks on life, and will immediately attract Cancer woman's who is looking for a life cover for herself.

my husband of 9 years left me just because i could not give him A child, i did all i could to make sure i give him a child, i even went to an extent of forcing him to have sex with me every night but could not work.not until one evening when i was browsing through the internet, i saw a comment on how a woman in same problem like mine was made home by A man called lord amadi .i read about him and decided to contact him for help, i did as he ask me to do but i was still wondering how can someone just bring back my love he don't even know but i keep doing as he ask me to do.Their guardians are the Earth and Water elements, which is a very productive and friendly union.Cancer woman is often scattered and forgetful, this is more than compensates for her extraordinary softness and tenderness.

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