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This leaves enough battery power to handle data transfers and network polls without compromising audio power, eliminating both the distortion and "clicks" normally heard.The supercapacitor powers the audio amplifier at 5 volts, compared to 3.6 volts directly from a battery, thereby doubling peak audio power for full-sounding music with a strong bass beat.For instance, a Sony Ericsson K800 uses two electrolytic capacitors each measuring 7mm dia. The CAP-XX LED Brite Flash™ solution uses two supercapacitors measuring 17mm x 39mm x 1.1mm side by side to keep the solution very thin This wireless power module combines Powercast's RF energy-harvesting technology with a CAP-XX supercapacitor to create a perpetual, battery-free power source for the wireless sensors commonly used in security, environmental and condition-monitoring systems.The module integrates a power receiving antenna, a Powercast Powerharvester to convert the radio waves into low DC power and a CAP-XX supercapacitor.The unmodified phone delivered 1W of flash power for 160ms while the modified phone delivered 15W of flash power for 160ms.

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The original phone delivered 1 watt of flash power for 160 milliseconds while the CAP-XX-modified phone delivered 15 watts for the same amount of time.

The supercapacitor stores the harvested energy and provides peak transmission power to a wireless sensor/transmitter board such as the Texas Instruments e Z430-RF2500T.

The complete module measures 8" tall x 1" wide x ¼ thick. Perpetuum Vibration Energy Harvesting Module Perpetuum's PMG17 vibration energy-harvesting micro-generator, together with a CAP-XX supercapacitor, allow wireless sensor system manufacturers to design battery-free condition monitoring systems that collect and report data on machinery for improved asset management.

On the other hand, Light Power refers to the intensity of a flash.

To calculate Light Energy: Light Power (Lux) x Flash Exposure Time (Secs) = Light Energy (Lux. Comparison of Solution Size and Energy Density The key advantage of LED Flash over Xenon in camera phones is size.

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