Leilani dowding dating george

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PHOTOS: The 20 Hottest Bikini Bodies Under 25 The model and fashion designer is “contemplating going to the police when she gets back to Los Angeles over the weekend.

She wants the harassment to stop and she did nothing to deserve this.

After splitting with her actor boyfriend, Stephen Dorff, British model Leilani Dowding was spotted in the arms of her ex, George French, in Miami yesterday (February 28).

The British hottie showed off her incredible figure in a ruffled light blue and white bikini while taking in the Miami sun.

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“Tough Love Miami” star Leilani Dowding was seen cruising the beach with her on/off boy-toy Mr. As some of you might know, she recently split from actor Stephen Dorff after discovering he’s a douche-bag man-whore, who simply wanted to sleep with her, while at the same time hitting up on her hot friends on the side.

The former couple began dating around the Golden Globes and got hot and heavy very quickly. The Most Ab Fab Stars In Hollywood “They were absolutely inseparable and Stephen told Leilani that he was falling in love with her.

She had very strong feelings for him as well,” a source close to the situation tells Radar

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