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He points to the retailer’s recent reinvention of its catalogue as an example of its innovation mandate.The digital version of the catalogue makes great use of data and video, providing an annotated, interactive representation of the store’s offering.That global footprint has helped cement Google’s reputation, Veresiu said.Being omnipresent isn’t enough to retain a stellar reputation, though.In terms of overall trends, Dave Scholz, managing partner at Leger, said the research group found brand reputation overall is improving in Canada.Last year, Scholz said there was a general drop in brand reputation, whereas this year there was a positive turnaround with “good opinion” scores for brands largely returning to where they sat in 2014.

When Heinz first announced it was closing its plant in Leamington, Ont., in 2014, Leger saw an approximate 5% drop in Canadians who said they had a positive opinion of the brand.However, the brand’s reputation has managed to bounce back.Overall, 84% of Canadians said they have a positive opinion of Heinz this year.“I personally have been impressed with the way Loblaw products have been creeping into Shoppers without undermining or confusing the customer,” Sklar said.In recent years, Canadian Tire has undergone massive changes as it transitioned from a traditional brick-and-mortar retailer to a fast-paced, innovative and digitally focused company (efforts that landed it ‘s Marketer of the Year honour in 2013.) Those moves are now paying off, with 85% of those surveyed now reporting they have a positive opinion of the brand.

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