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However, there is an option to take accelerated courses of Advanced Algebra 2, Geometry, and Pre-Calculus and Latin Prose (over Latin 4) that do not give the 1.0 GPA boost. Several local and national media outlets picked up on the hashtag and acute attention was drawn to the issues of racial inequities, racism, and faculty negligence over race-related disciplinary issues at the school. Boston Latin has a history of pursuing the same standards as elite New England prep schools while adopting the egalitarian attitude of a public school.

In January 2016, the school became the center of a race-related controversy started by the student group BLS B. Academically, the school regularly outperforms public schools in affluent Boston suburbs, particularly as measured by the yearly MCAS assessment required of all Massachusetts public schools.

Some advocate instituting a quota for the number of students that must be admitted from Boston's public middle schools.

Declamation is the most time-honored of the school's traditions.

For nearly a century, all qualified female students would attend that all-girls institution. Ezekiel Cheever was an early head master of the Boston Latin School.

It was not until 1972 that Boston Latin would admit its first co-educational class, 104 girls into a schoo with more than 2000 teenaged boys. K.'s list of demands included faculty diversity trainings, workshops, and meetings with the Headmaster on a regular basis to discuss racialized issues in the school; demands which were accepted by the headmaster. He taught for seventy years, the last thirty-eight as master of the Boston Latin School.

The Public Latin School was a bastion for educating the sons of the Boston "Brahmin" elite, resulting in the school claiming many prominent Bostonians, Massachusetts citizens and New Englanders as alumni.

Its curriculum follows that of the 18th century Latin-school movement, which holds the "classics" to be the basis of an educated mind. Puritans placed a strong emphasis on education at every age level for their offspring, beginning at home, with a primary reason for this being in order to read the Bible, which was used for spiritual and moral instruction.

More than 99% of Boston Latin's approximately 400 annual graduates are accepted by at least one four-year college.

Helen Magill White was the school's first female graduate and first American woman to earn a doctorate.

However, soon after White's graduation in 1877, the Girls' Latin School (later the co-ed Boston Latin Academy), was founded.

Because it is a high-performing and well-regarded school, Boston Latin has been at the center of controversy concerning its admissions process.

Admissions are very competitive, and it is not uncommon for fewer than 20% of applicants to be admitted.

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