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This feature was occasionally found elsewhere, for example in the Thingoe and Romford Union workhouses.

The workhouse location and layout are shown below on the 1896 map below. The entrance and administration block was located at the north of the site and would have contained a porter's room, waiting room and search room on the ground floor, with the board-room and clerk's office on the first floor.

The bodies have been most commonly found in the Northern European countries of Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

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Bog bodies, or bog people, are the naturally preserved corpses of humans and some animals recovered from peat bogs.The upper body was naked, but the lower body and legs were covered by a cloak made of a four-layered twill fabric and a fringed shawl.These two articles of clothing are now on display at the National Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen.A passageway led to the hub where the Master's quarters were located.Lexden and Winstree administration block from the north-west, 2000. The four main accommodation blocks radiated from the central hub with women's accommodation thought to have been at the west and men's at the east. A two-storey infirmary (later known as Rose House) was located at the southern side of the main building.

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