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In year 2000 we moved from New South Wales to another State - Queensland, to Burnett's Shire, where we live now in Elliott Heads' Portals, which proved to be another nightmare.

When we arrived to a new place we bought a cheap 2 acr block of land on the shore of the ocean in Mon Repo in Burnett shire to build our new house.

When I said to the audience, that Reptilians eat us, like we eat cows, and that they prefer children, suddenly the whole auditorium became alive and started shouting, people were trying to shut me up, George was shivering with fear (I noticed that I do better at the councils when George is not around, his fear is such a barrier).

I didn't know, that I caused a Ripple Effect: my speech reveberated in Parallel Universes.

But when I was talking to a microphone, I had a feeling, that I talk in a vacuum, a dead silence, nobody heard me.

Then I decided to speak the knowledge I got from the books and videos.

Initially he, together with the councillors, approved our block for sale to us (through real eastate agent) and for building our house in easement - a forbidden zone for building.

Apart from that, we didn't know, that we were supposed to create another Portal in that creek and after 20 years of drama we did create it.

Nevertheless I managed to explain to the public and the council members our matter and get permission to built a retaining wall (at our expense).After that I had dreams making the same speech again.But I am glad I did, we won the case and I wasn't jailed for speaking at the council.All Humans of Earth and ideally all Aliens must have the same Global Intent-Intention : to move back to the Source of All Life, our Powerhouse, our Lighthouse, our Beacon.You will find more explanation of the Force of Intent on our New Page : On the pictures below Obama is doing Magical Pass right only on the 1st photo, it's better to do it with 2 hands, stretching forward your Luminous Energy Fibers from the Womb or from midsection, shouting the word Intent 3 times.

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