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It is down to Domenick and Wendell, they are both stubborn.

Wendell drops out, Domenick wins individual immunity and his tribe goes to council last.

Also, Abby is awarded a dinner reservation for two to a brand-new five-star restaurant in an igloo and has to decide which coworker deserves to go with her.” So make sure to bookmark this spot and come back between PM – PM ET for our NCIS recap.

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Believing it to be real, Jay let his guard down, it was a costly mistake and he was voted out that night.

This tainted idol has not matured into a real idol, so because it has no power, there is no way to reverse the curse.

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On the other hand, Laurel is frustrated, she doesn’t know if she should believe that Michael has an idol.But even though Kellyn was saved, she is not sure if she wants to trust Laurel in this game.Domenick heads out to look for an idol – he finds a coconut with an emblem on it and feels like he struck gold.The last person standing for orange will win immunity and be safe at their tribal council, the last person standing for purple will also win immunity and be safe at their tribal council.An added incentive, the last person standing out of the ten of them will earn the right for their tribe to go to their tribal council last.

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