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It makes sense that all the tests would be Foundation-centric if Foundation personnel were the ones playing it, but I would stay away from "it knows about scps!!!" as a threat, since that's an underwhelming and overused device.The second half of the game fast forwards to "Present Day," as indicated by the game, and the setting and characters are now directly based off where the player works and who they know.This, of course, means the game is now set in the SCP Foundation. is eventually reintroduced as a new SCP that the player is assigned to experiment with.There's some potential for cute/funny interactions there.

The way I had thought of for the Foundation to have discovered the game was that an on-line reviewer who was making a video about it ended up starting a cult that got into a stand-off with the local police.The part of this that intrigues me is the correlation with a real person that the dating sim character wants the user to kill.It reminds me of another article about a cell phone with a ghost in it that dates you and convinces you to kill people (I forget the number) but the dating sim theme would be enough to set this apart if it were done well.Big beefy wrestlers, looking for love (in the ring, of course).In the 400 unique outcomes, you generate your own wrestling persona using the game’s “LOL” (also known as, Look Out Lovers) character creator.

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