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When you’re subscription runs out, you will be automatically charged for another subscription of the same length.If you do not want to participate in the automatic renewal program, you can log into your account and change your renewal status. (Not to be confused with an in-between-the-mattress-and-the-box-spring shit.) (R. And you KNOW what he's thinking as he races away from the elevator crime scene: Why didn’t Lester 2.0 just hook up with the random lady in the bar instead? Does Lester finally decide to turn himself in to Solverson?

But you might wanna hurry: Mike the Dentist might take out Lester first and disappear for forever. Next time you want to exact revenge on an old bully, think twice about teaming up with a lone wolf, okay? While we're here, could you also reconsider the whole "being a garbage monster" thing? In non-tornado monster news: Agents Budge and Pepper are beyond impressed with Solverson's whiteboard spiderweb. Oswalt undermines Solverson's work in front of Budge and Pepper, but Budge and Pepper tell Oswalt what's up: SOLVERSON IS THE DEAL. First, I lose Mad Men for the summer, and now Fargo. 90% of what I watch is pulpy reality TV goodness, sure, but I need that scripted drama 10%.

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