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Department officials say that rules to implement the state's year-old hydraulic fracturing law will be submitted to the Illinois Legislature's Joint Committee on Administrative Rules Friday.

The agency has come under increasing criticism from "fracking" supporters who had hoped that drilling could begin this summer.

Some suggest privatizing the program but Durbin is not on board with that plan.

He says that'll fail to fund the current obligations and could cause more harm than good to those who depend on the system.

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In some cases, the scammers are able to spoof caller ID devices to make it look like the call is coming from a legitimate government agency. Senator Dick Durbin says he and his colleagues need to get a plan in place to make sure the Social Security system stays intact.

Rich Cravens with the Crawford County Sheriff's Office says callers pose as government officials and say you either have unpaid taxes or you've won some sort of sweepstakes.

[audio:rdd Phone Scam11.mp3] [/audio] Attorney General Lisa Madigan says her office has had a number of complaints in recent weeks of scammers claiming to be with the IRS.

A couple of southern Illinois women are behind bars for allegedly cooking meth inside a church.

Police say a member of the Waveland Church in Hillsboro reported the meth lab on Tuesday.

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