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Jerry O' Connell now has full possession of those twins.

What is it about Jerry O'Connell and twiiiiiiins that gets us so amped?

Or should he stick it out in LA and hope for the best?

Andy always gives his guests some type of “Mazel”-branded swag, but when he offered Jerry a pair of boxer briefs, things got completely out of hand." data-reactid="22"Jerry O’Connell was a guest on Watch What Happens Live Wednesday night.

] Now we kinda sorta get to hear his version of everything that happened!

Rebecca Romijn's husband was put on the spot by Andy Cohen when he appeared on on Wednesday evening.

Jerry O'Connell and Rebecca Romijn have even gone and, according to Fametastic, named these twin beauties. The pair is called Dolly Rebecca Rose and Charlie Tamara Tulip.

Because they expressed, like, real feelings for the character of Uncle Jesse, I said, 'You know girls, I gotta tell you something. And my kids really want to know why Mom isn't still with him. Anyway — see what Jerry had to say about Giuliana writing about their relationship (below)!Appearing on Bravo's on Wednesday, O'Connell got evasive when asked about Rancic's claims. NEWS: Giuliana Rancic Accuses Ex-Jerry O'Connell of Cheating With a Spice Girl"For those of you who don’t know, Giuliana Rancic is a personality on another network, on E! And we dated, then we didn’t date, and, uh, I was in the book," the 41-year-old comic actor said, shrugging off the question. She's a very nice girl."When pressed by host Andy Cohen if he felt Rancic had "sold him down the river," O'Connell kept things cordial by refusing to stir up animosity. Surprising Celebrity Hookups"I don’t want to say anything negative. The host asked Jer about his thoughts on that whole ordeal — and the 41-year-old had a very interesting and pretty sweet response to the whole thing (below)!We don't want to ruin the reveal for you, so you've got to check out the interview!

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