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He keeps insisting that rules are rules and they need to followed. Ted has convinced everyone that Buffy has to follow the rules like everyone else. Buffy tries to tell her friends and her mom about it, but no one will listen to her.

She then picks up the ball and tosses it in the hole, yelling to everyone that she got a hole in two. Buffy just shrugs it off and says that it is a game, making Ted get really mad and threaten her. In fact after Buffy tells her mom what Ted said, Joyce says “No, honey that’s not true.

She tells them that it makes her want to kill herself. He found her diary and read it, threatening to tell her mom that she is crazy, and needs psychiatric help for her “Slayer” and “Vampire” delusions; unless she does everything he asks her to do.

Buffy tries to get the diary back and Ted slaps her.

At first she is Buffy’s nemesis, but she actually ends helping the group out. Angel was a guy living in Ireland in the 19th century.

He turns from his life of killing, to protecting; attempting to atone for his mistakes. Short recap: Buffy knows she is the “Slayer” and accepted her role.

It is driving Buffy crazy, and she is convinced that something with Ted just isn’t right.

You know Joyce is so focused on Ted, she doesn’t even ask why they were fighting.

Buffy has been a good kid her whole life, but Joyce just assumes her daughter is a murderer than needs protection, rather than assuming Ted was not as he seemed. So they call an ambulance, which takes Ted off to the morgue.

So quick background for those who don’t know who Buffy Summers is. One if her best friends is Willow (played by Alison Hannigan) a shy, insecure, brilliant girl who takes care of spells and reversing curses. He was turned into a vampire and wrecked havoc on the world.

Buffy is a strong, independent woman that totally kicks butt slaying demons, monsters, vampires, aliens, bug creatures, etc. He was cursed by a group of witches in getting his soul back, forcing him to have feelings and a conscious.

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