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"I'd rather talk about it with my close friends ...

look things up on the Internet, read vulgar novels," she says with a giggle.

They will be covered in depth here because they are definitely the best ‘adult entertainment’ a guy could find.

Indonesian girls also are very polarizing themselves.

"It's time to embrace our sexuality in a healthy way," she said, "and to be mature in our understanding." Her job illustrates some of the changes taking place in Indonesia, which toppled its longtime dictator Gen.

Suharto in a wave of pro-democracy street protests just over a decade ago.

Horrific footage will make you cringe Anisa Gannon of Gainesville, Georgia, snapped a picture of a fatal accident that caused a traffic jam on her way to work -- any many think it's a signal from above.

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Her podcast, which will be co-hosted by television personality Chantal Della Concetta, who has drawn some controversy herself for racy lingerie pictures in a popular magazine, will at first be a frank conversation between two friends. They include that putting a bead beneath a boy's foreskin will enhance his sexual pleasure, and that girls will be nymphomaniacs if they don't get circumcisions, which continue despite a 2006 ban.

Last year the National AIDS Commission launched an interactive Web page aimed at teens and young adults. Amirin hopes hers is here to stay, "I want to change mindsets," she said.

All cities have different value and when trying to find girls for sex in Jakarta there are two main ways that really stand out.

Folklore that gecko saliva could cure AIDS, in a country grappling with the fastest growing endemic in Asia, unleashed a wave of gecko hunting and a surge in prices for the reptiles a couple of years ago.

Eventually, the website will include a free online chat service. Though most of Indonesia's 210 million Muslims are moderate, a hard-liner fringe has become more vocal and violent in recent years, attacking bars, transvestites and anything else deemed "blasphemous." The hard-liners also have succeeded in influencing politicians who -- afraid of being labeled un Islamic -- pushed through a controversial anti-porn law, used to imprison Nazril "Ariel" Irham, the pop star, even though it appears his sexcapades were never intended for public viewing.

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