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The idea of a dating app for elitists elites isn't new. The founder admitted it's a tough question, but said they aim to be "holistic.""Ideally we're looking for men and women who are successful and ambitious, to join a small and curated community of singles.In the US, there's the less controversially named The League, which screens users based on education and employment history. It's still only about 60 per cent done, though you can sign up on the website. An Oxford-educated RI [Raffles Institution] boy working as a lawyer is just as likely to get admitted as a polytechnic-educated supermodel, or the son of a successful businessman," he told me.

A psychotic woman becomes dangerously jealous when her best friend begins dating a handsome man.

The gilt on the elegantly intertwined dragons is beautifully applied and is entirely intact, with no wear visible.

Other than some very minor wear on the lip, the condition is excellent.

It turned out they were angling for controversy all along.

"We've taken some good PR lessons from Kim Kardashian," said one of the founders.

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