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But that doesn't change the fact that Britain is fast running out of space to dump rubbish in the ground." He added: "An area the size of Warwick is already being used to dump Britain's rubbish and unless there are radical changes in the way we produce and dispose of our waste it is estimated we will run out of landfill space in less than eight years time." Italy dumps about 19 million tonnes of household rubbish in the ground, Spain 15 million tonnes and France 12 million tonnes.Under the EU landfill directive, the UK must reduce landfilling to 75 per cent of 1995 levels by 2010, 50 per cent by 2013 and 35 per cent by 2020.Now a Unesco World Heritage site, the Castel del Monte has been at the centre of much debate since its construction in the 13th century.Its polygon structure, topped with eight octagonal towers, was built along strict mathematical and astronomical principals and is one of Europe's finest examples of medieval military architecture.It occupies a strategic corner of Italy and has seen many colonisers in both modern and ancient times.Some of Puglia's first residents were the Messapians, who established settlements in Brindisi, Ugento and Ceglie Messapico in the Val d'Itria.It opens daily from 10am-7.30pm and admission is by donation. One of Puglia's most important archaeological sites, the Museo Nazionale de Egnazia (00 30 080 729 056), is on the coast near Savelletri.The park and its adjoining museum display artefacts from the Bronze Age as well as remnants from the Roman port of Gnathia, which also flourished on the site.

The best time to go is June or September when the heat is at its more bearable and the crowds have gone home. Lecce is often billed as the Florence of the south, thanks to an abundance of buildings constructed in a very florid style of Mediterranean Baroque.The region that forms the heel of Italy is famous for its golden beaches, ancient architecture, mysterious monuments and some of the best food around. The region of Puglia, also known as Apulia, occupies the extreme south-eastern tip of the country.Fought over for centuries, it is now starting to draw the crowds. Bordered on two sides by the Ionian and Adriatic seas, Puglia is a long sliver of land that stretches from the border with Molise in the north to Capo Santa Maria di Leuca in the south.Tarentum as it was then called quickly grew to become one of the most opulent cities and important ports of ancient Greece.Many objects recovered from the sites and tombs in the region can been seen at Taranto's Museo Archeaologico Nazionale (00 39 0). On January 23 1930, Franco Anelli discovered the Grotte di Castellana, (00 39 0; 50km from Bari.

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