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Previously he was a web producer and pop politics writer for the Washington Examiner.

The coins were discovered by Hebrew University archaeologist Dr. The tumultuous four-year period spanned the Roman siege of Jerusalem to the destruction of the Second Temple and the city.

Eilat Mazar during excavations below the Temple Mount’s southern Wall. “While several of the coins date to the early years of the revolt, the great majority are from its final year, otherwise known as, ‘Year Four’ (69-70 CE),” explained Hebrew University, in a statement.

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Just because a take is controversial and challenging does not make it inherently hateful.

Because of its unintended universality, Purcell’s piece cannot be entirely dismissed -- especially by young, single Jews.

Joshua Axelrod (@jaxel222) is politics editor at Media File and a graduate student in Media and Strategic Communications at George Washington University.

Even her unfortunate use of Jewish stereotypes feels like it comes from a place of ignorance, not malice.

There’s real anti-Semitism out there, and labeling everything as such only serves to devalue the word. It is also quite possible that Purcell hit on an uncomfortable truth the Jewish community may not be excited to discuss.

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