Is van hansis dating anyone

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As someone pointed out, buying bootleg DVDs puts money in the pockets of the pirates, not the actors and filmmakers in the form of residuals.

Speaking of DATING RULES, I was surprised to see that the “web series” already has a pretty well populated IMDb page, and it’s listed as a “TV Series” – go, team!

I’m gong to see him in Cats against tomorrow, every time I get to see him I am blown away by how talented he is, I am so in awe.

With millions of hits a month someone is bound to hit on you.

Then you see him on the screen and he is psychotic!

It’s funny working with him then seeing him afterward on the screen because he’s a great, funny guy and he’s so nice.

It is a soap so there are outlandish things that happen but that’s the fun of it.

” His reponse: “Honestly, it grows really quickly…I don’t know, they just cut it a lot and they change it. Okay, you enjoyed working with the actress (Tala Ashe)? Van: We know that fans kind of felt like she got in between Luke and Noah, i understand.

I think I’m one of the only guys on rhe show who has kinda longer hair. Van: Yes, she’s an amazing, amazing actress and she’s become a very good friend of ours and when she left we were very sad to see her go but we know that we’re going to remain friends. But Luke and Noah can’t have it be peachy for them all the time or else fans wouldn’t like that other.

Got the chance to chat with “As the World Turns” on-screen lovers Van Hansis and Jake Silbermann at the Soap NET pre-Emmy party in Hollywood last night on a crazy red carpet that had me cutting an interview short with Shirley Jones so I could gab with Susan Lucci. So by the time I got to Luke and Noah, These two guys really are close friends, finishing each other’s sentences at times and Jake is even better looking in person than on television!

My first question to Emmy nominee Van Hansis was really stupid: “Why does your hair look different on just about every episode? Van: We really were not involved in that really at all and I think that’s the way it needed to be and I think the fan campaign went the way it should have gone and they focused on the people they needed to focus on.” Greg: Are you nervous about the Emmy show?

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