Is simon cowell dating britney spears

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After five years it's kind of like, we're reaching that point of kind of getting fed up with each other. " "The X Factor" returns with a two-day premiere Wednesday on CTV and continues Thursday on CTV Two.and performed their own rendition of her hit song “Toxic”; and while Brit may not have been there, there was another judge whose approval they desperately wanted.She may even be the toughest critic on the new and improved "X Factor," he said. want someone to go through and these two (don't), they're immovable."She is fearless," said Cowell, his comments coming about halfway through the tour. And that's what happens when you put two girls together." Despite establishing himself as one of TV's harshest reality show critics on "American Idol," Cowell said he doubts he's the toughest critic out of the four judges on "The X Factor." "Watch the tape.Cowell called his stint there "like being on 'Groundhog Day."' "It's 10 years old.I mean, that's why I left, it's like dating someone for 10 years.It has to have it's own DNA and it's own characteristics." Cowell also said he's bored with "American Idol," a one-time ratings juggernaut that is also retooling its judging panel before returning early next year.

“I thought this was going to be quite corny at first when you came out, but actually you’re both good and it’s working,” Simon told them."She's just completely fearless, irreverent and I think it was important because me and L.A., I'm 52, LA's a lot older than I am -- a lot -- but you know, a lot of people who watch our show, they're 16, 17, and 18 and younger.You can't cope with it or you can't do the job.' It's not the case." Reports claiming Spears' unravelling dogged the singer early in the tour, with multiple accounts alleging she took abrupt breaks to regain her composure.Throughout, Cowell emerged as Spears' biggest defender, and during a visit to the show's Canadian broadcaster CTV he insisted Spears is tougher than people most think.

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