Is michelle mccool dating the undertaker

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”“F-fifteen, sir”“You son of a bitch you look 30”Kane: Hey Taker, your wife sa—hey who is that at the door? My yard’s big enough for me to add more graves in Date: I thought it was Mr. Taker: You motherf After all his taunting and bullying, John Cena doesn't deserve to get the American Badass, he deserves to get Big Evil Undertaker. Which would be a reasonable story end to this weird feud.

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This time, she's going to change it up — she's going to vlog.Except for that time he was all about his motorbikes and would beat people up if they didn't show him respect."Nuh-uh.No thanks I feel like he'd kick your ass if you knocked on the door, then go back inside.""He spent more than half his life speaking cryptically, beating people up, getting buried alive a few times, he's been locked in a casket which has then been doused in petrol and set on fire twice, etc.He got his revenge though and stole hundreds of peoples souls.

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