Is he married or dating someone else

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They may have been burned by love, and think it’s too painful to open up to trying again.

They may succumb to the peer pressure that all their colleagues are married and it looks better professionally.

There are variations of this common question being asked around this site.

The common scenarios are: You’ve broken up with him and now he’s dating someone else and they look so happy together.

If you met an attached guy who when he disclosed the fact that he was in a relationship, you told him to take a run and jump and telling him to go and to come back when he’s got his house in order, he’d actually have greater respect for you.

Not every woman puts up with poor behaviour from men.

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Both men and women get married for all sorts of reasons other than finding their true ONE.Especially when it comes to assclowns and habitually emotionally unavailable men, they need attention in the form of ego stroking, a convenient shag, and a smokescreen that let’s themselves believe that they are not the assclown that they actually are.Some need to prove they’ve still got ‘it’, some are afraid to look in the mirror and see themselves for what they are, some are afraid of what it means to have another ‘failed’ relationship, and some just like having someone there.Or their biological clock may be ticking and they found somebody willing to become a parent. The odds are against them that they will stay married till death—especially if one or both of them didn’t really know themselves (or each other) before they made any promises or vows.But for someone who has unacknowledged commitment issues they don’t know how they will feel about falling head over heels in love or getting married until they do it—and their anxiety can become overwhelming. Sex & the City’s Carrie and Big were based on real life people.

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