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Tellingly, though, while every man I asked claimed he himself was cool with powerful women, each also said that other men aren’t. ”Related: 25 Famous Women on Being in Charge" data-reactid="26"Related: 25 Famous Women on Being in Charge Female bosses make men feel threatened and emasculated, and feeling emasculated makes them more likely to become sexual harassers.

Hence the Drake conundrum: He’s cool with powerful women, but he assumes he’s the exception.“You’re not trained, as a man, to be thought of as ‘second fiddle’ in a relationship and dudes are very self-conscious about their own success, in a vacuum,” one man theorized. (The toxicity of the male ego really never ends.) But does that intimidation carry over to dating?

If you think another man’s relationship with a more-successful woman is a sign of his weakness, that is your shameful weakness. Let us take a page from Nicki Minaj’s playbook: While the boys take turns emasculating each other, she has mostly stayed out of this pissing match.

If you find female bosses threatening to your manhood, then you are threatening my entire gender with your outdated understanding of masculinity.

This older guy was giving me shit and saying, “This didn’t work before this didn’t work before” (and their whole volunteer training infrastructure was collapsed so yeah, dude, real clear it hadn’t worked before). I said, “Listen Jim, I hear you but we are trying this system out a little different of a way.

If you’d let me get through explaining maybe we could improve on it and hear your input from experience. This is actually very relevant to a NY Times article I recently read and I’m glad I didn’t throw that edition out yet.

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When I started asking the men I knew, I found no shortage who professed to be actively attracted to female power.

Multiple men told me about powerful women they’re sexually obsessed with.

Whether this gap translates into dating decisions, however, is unclear: A Canadian study conducted in 2009 found that, though everyone had the same understanding of what made a person “high rank” or “low rank” in hypothetical social and workplace settings, those ranks had “very little effect” on whom members of either gender chose to date. When it comes to my actual social circle, one friend suggested that my ability to deny the male intimidation quotient probably means I’m living in a self-selected pro-woman bubble.

“I think some of that might be New York,” a successful woman who routinely dates men a decade younger than she is said. Ambition is never a problem.”“I mean, look at me, slinging Swedish hotties that are way out of my league, attractive-wise, because they want a job,” another workaholic woman laughed.

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