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Submitted by: Tags Crusaders are number 1 straight to the top, We are the best, Crusaders fight nonstop.

Let's Go, let's fight, we're here to win tonight, You're looking at the best, YES, M-H-S! Submitted by:pooh girl H-O-T T-O G-OThe Lions (Clap)Are hot to go WHOOP (x)Hot to Go WHOOP WHOOP HOT TO GO!

The type of intimidation for the other team may start with shock and then move to an uncomfortable feeling.

Watching the body language of the opposing teams they just stand there on the sidelines or on the fields looking confused.

"Submitted by: Caroline The panthers (name of your team)are here And we're gonna cheer. So move to the groove of the panther's (team's name) beat!

Note: We do a little clappy thing - it goes a little bit like this: stomp clap, stomp, clap, clap, stomp clap, stomp clap, stomp, clap , clap.

The Haka originates from Maori’s from New Zealand and is similar to a dance that can be used for more than just intimidation it can be also used for celebratory reasons.

Stand up and yell it, Go Raiders Go, Come on Go Raiders Go, Let's hear it, Go Raider Go, one more time now GO RAIDERS GO, YEAH! Submitted by:chevy girlmartine Come on Flyer fans in the stands Let us see you clap your hands (clap)(clap)(clap)(clap)(clap)(clap)(clap)Now that you got the beat, let us see you stomp your feet (stomp)(stomp)(stomp)(stomp)(stomp)(stomp)(stomp)Now that you got the groove, let me see your body moveoo aahh aahh aahh oo ahh ahh oo One more timeoo ahh ahh ahh oo ahh ahh ahh oo Submitted by: Tags Yeah, that's right!

The blue, gold, and white are here to win and here to fight, So look out Bruins, We just want you to know, The Cru is here and we're in control.

So try and stop us,prepare for defeat,the M-H-S Cru,can't be beat!

It does seem that some of the teams lose their confidence while the Haka is being performed meaning that their stance goes from confident or standing straight up and erect with their chests out to almost a depressed stance where their shoulders slump and move inwards.

What causes even more damage to the morale is the crowd chanting and screaming with the team.

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