Interracial dating in las vegas

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My son's friends are from all different races and they'll even bust each others chops with racial jokes in good fun. No one takes it seriously, because seriously, race is not important. Then she joined the diverse military, fell in love and married a half black/half Asian guy. I work with a white lady who told me a similar story about how she only liked white guys, was only attracted to white guys, been around white guys all her life, grew up with white guys, only white guys asked her out, white guys this, white guys that.Then she joined the diverse military, fell in love and married a half black/half Asian guy. That's why I said "I don't think I would" but I can say that I just find black men unattractive. Several of my friends are in love with a black dude on a TV show right now, and I just don't see it.I was in love with Joseph Gordon Levitt as a kid and I had a child with a white boy....ten years later I am not attracted to anything but black dudes I honestly wish I WAS still attracted to white guys, or any other kind of guy, considering there really is not enough black men to go around.

Hell, when I moved there in 2002 I was amazed (and I came from California) how MANY interracial (black and white, mostly younger) couples there were. Nah Vegas doesn't worry about that kind of thing at all. Thinking of going to college in Las Vegas, and I'm a black male.

The Latinos wonder is she Latina because of her dark hair and ethnic features, but they don't give her any problems. Sad because she is highly amicable, and loves to laugh. Move out here where your daughter will feel welcome.

People, especially teenagers and kids are pretty color-blind out here as far as I can tell.

I was looking at the colleges in Vegas and found that most of them are predominatly White, Asian, and Hispanic.

How would I fair dating wise with each of these groups in vegas? I read some of the other entries that are positive and they are right.

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