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Chances are this isn't going to happen because it's the definition of a Catch-22, and as a white person, that is absolutely devastating.

The last time I went to the store and bought something I could wear below the waist, I was in eighth grade.

Well, being tall is the opposite of being a baby, and chances are you're going to need whatever the opposite of "a little bit of whiskey" is if you want to get drunk.

You don't necessarily buy alcohol based on what you enjoy drinking, but rather, based on what's going to get you where you need to be the quickest and cheapest.

Of all the heights to be, tall is one of the better ones, so I don't want to come off as ungrateful.

However, there are a lot of misconceptions about being tall, and some downsides that most people probably aren't even aware of.

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Not to mention there is a very fine line between what is considered "tall" and what is considered "freak of nature."For a lot of girls, it seems that line is around 6' 6". You know how some parents give their babies a little bit of whiskey to "help them" go to sleep?Any "It" worth his or her salt will know that you can't fit in 80 percent of the more conventional hiding spaces, and most times, the game will be over in 20 seconds. Tall people are reminded of this on a daily basis, thanks to cars, showers, beds, airplanes, coffins, movie theaters, subways, roller coasters and many, many more. If you ever want to really make a tall person cry, pull this one out and wait for him or her to get existential. I never would have had to master a marketable trade.You'll slowly lose friends because you're no fun to play with and develop deep-seeded psychological issues later in life. Not that I'm speaking from personal experience, of course. Tall people's hearts have this tendency to explode at an age they're not supposed to. As in, you will not see someone because he or she is too short and you will trip over him or her. This is why parents should always watch their children and little people should always be aware of their surroundings -- so they don't get crushed by a giant person. But if someone needs a lightbulb changed (also the lightbulbs are kept on the top shelf), it's not exactly a secret who is going to be called upon to change it. I could have found a traveling circus and made my way across the country making a week by standing around in a tent for a few hours. Apparently, we’ve “progressed as a society” and no longer resort to this type of "exploitative" behavior. If being exploited is getting paid to literally be myself, then sign me up.The rationale behind this is that a lot of girls say they like tall guys.The problem with that reasoning is that a lot of girls are liars.

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