Internet dating new york city

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In the Polish city I’m in, doubling my income would not change my lifestyle one bit, because the city does not have the amenities, Dubai whores, or luxury accommodations that the money could obviously be spent on.The most expensive club cover charge I’ve found is and a cocktail drink price never passes .A lot of people have asked me, “Roosh, how you can play the game for so many years without getting tired of it?” Because my job is not a grind, and chasing pussy will never approach the level of grind of labor.The interactions stalled, sadly, when girls found out I was a tourist and staying in a hotel, especially since a couple of those girls would have needed a date to take the intimacy further.Again, the sample size is small, so no grand conclusions can be made, but if I can duplicate this reception just once in a while, that means girls in New York like me more than girls in Poland.While walking around New York, I was paranoid of getting hit by a car, so I looked both ways before crossing streets and generally followed the “Don’t Walk” signals.I was shocked to see so many people walking while texting in such an environment.

As short as it was, I kept my eyes open to digest as much as I could about the city and its people.

Let New York live for you instead of you living for New York.

Live like a modern king with a lifestyle that your ancestors couldn’t even dream of.

I suspect that a lot of people are living paycheck to paycheck without much in savings, and so are committed to this grind whether they like it or not.

The allure of living in New York has essentially captured their body and turned them into a human mule that must never stop laboring and hustling. If a New Yorker’s income goes up, they invariably increase the standard at which they live to keep up with the Joneses, so it seems that even if you “win” in New York by getting a job that pays at least 0,000 a year, you still lose in the sense that you won’t accumulate much in the way of wealth, and will be two or three months away from destitution if you happen to lose your job and have trouble finding a new one.

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