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RASMUSSEN Cammeron Alexander is probably the biggest writer and distributor of white power literature in LA County. RASMUSSEN Pretty clean record..everything out of his house down by the beach.

REPORTER To my right I have Lieutenant Vinyard's oldest son Derek.

The young man has a shaved head, a thick goatee, and a well-crafted SWASTIKA on his left tit. Startled, Derek forcefully grabs his little brother's arm.

He reaches under his mattress, pulls out a SIG .45 semi-automatic pistol, and shoves in a clip.

Before he turns the knob, he peeks through the eye hole on the door. HOUSE - DEREK'S EYE POV THE BLACK GUARD carelessly turns toward the driveway to see what's taking his partner so long with the wires. HOUSE - DEREK AT THE DOOR The guard has his back to him.

HOUSE - THE DUEL Derek throws open the door and the black man standing guard wheels and fires a shot into the front door.

RASMUSSEN Three years ago a local kid named Derek Vinyard gets sent up for murdering a couple of Crips who were trying to jack his car.

He promotes white power bands, writes reviews, columns, all at the ripe age of forty. SWEENEY There weren't any organized white gangs around Venice before those two hooked up.

AMERICAN HISTORY X screenplay by David Mc Kenna February 6, 1997 INT. STREET CORNER - A LARGE TIRE turns the corner and splashes through a puddle from an earlier rain. The music stops and TWO BLACK MEN spring from the car. The larger figure, crowbar in hand, moves to the truck. BEDROOM - DANNY VINYARD'S EYES The sex happening in the next room makes it difficult for Danny to sleep. The off-screen sound of breaking glass grabs Danny's attention. RASMUSSEN (to the group) This being February of '90. VINYARD HOUSEHOLD - A LIVE BROADCAST - VIDEOTAPE A YOUNGER DEREK, short haired with no tattoos, stands next to the reporter. LA County Firefighter Dennis Vinyard was shot and killed while putting out a fire in a suspected Compton drug den. BRIEFING ROOM - A MEETING Cops and detectives sit attentively and a few sip coffee. Middle-aged with slicked-back hair, CAPTAIN JOHN RASMUSSEN finishes a thought. The group looks over and meets Sweeney's hard glare. He's Principal over at Venice High and for some time now he's done a load of outreach work with gangs..and out of the can. Bob taught Vinyard back in high school and has followed the case closely.

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