Hunting dating

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Most of the horror stories you have heard about dating occur when daters rush the process.Getting intimately involved with someone you don’t know, allowing strangers into your home, or being all alone with someone you just met is just asking for trouble.Finding the Right Hunting Grounds Where you go is what you get.Bars are not good hunting grounds if you want a successful relationship.

For example, if you just buy a ticket and go to a baseball game, you are not too likely to meet anyone.

In terms of dating, this means having a good time wherever you are, and making yourself comfortable.

Relax, talk to some people who seem easy to meet (whether you’d like to date them isn’t important—they can be the wrong age, the wrong gender, etc.) Focus on enjoying whatever is there to enjoy.

• If you’re playing or watching sports, concentrate on the game.

• At a committee meeting, the PTA or a volunteer group, get the work done.

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