How to handle intimidating people

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Taking small steps can break the patterns of feeling intimidated for good.

Be yourself, work on your self-confidence and stop underestimating yourself.

Like a yoga-newbie, stretch gently at first and soon you’ll amaze yourself at how far you can go.It seems as though even if you summoned all of your inner everything, you’d still be the one clearing away everyone else’s trash at the end of the party. However, saying no is like a muscle: the more you use it, the stronger it becomes.Being a ‘Yes’ person will leave you overwhelmed, over-committed and seriously out of your depth. On the flip side, learning how to say yes at the right time can give your confidence an even greater boost. …confident people say yes to opportunities even if they have to go outside their comfort zone. Only until you feel the incredible wave of empowerment, of resilience that comes with finding you can do more than you thought you were capable of. Or this person could be a colleague – someone who uses clever words and exerts personal power or expert power that you believe you can’t compete with. This person could be your boss – someone with genuine positional power over you.

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