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Vung Tau is a path less travelled for many people as most people looking for bar girls generally only visit the Philippines or Thailand with perhaps Cambodia and Laos on the list too however the same operations exist in a small town in Vietnam named Vung Tau.

It’s a small beach town just about 3 hours outside of Ho Chi Minh City ( Saigon ) and you can get there via many buses that operate frequently from the Bui Vien areas and most other areas in town.

Be warned, there are plenty of ‘fake taxis’ running scams all over town in Saigon. Best advice is always to stick in District 1 if you’re a newbie to Vietnam as it is considered much safer than some of the other nearby districts and caters more towards offering services to foreigners.

Even great Blow Job bars / Hot Toc’s such as Benny’s 110 or Ben Ny’s where for only 25 bucks you can get your dick hoovered up by a tidy little Vietnamese lady.

Once you buy a few drinks for a lady you like and she passes your vetting, you will give the bar a small barfine payment and then you are both free to leave the bar and head out elsewhere or just go back to your hotel for some hot sex with a nubile 20 year old Vietnamese woman.

For average prices in the bars you will more than likely get quoted about USD or 1,000,000 Dong – – the bar girls in any Asian country can smell a newbie from 50km away and will hunt you down like a pack of rabbid dogs once you get inside a bar and quote sky high prices because most will believe you don’t know any better.

They don’t tolerate hiring ugly 30 year old’s and putting them on podiums like what happens these days in Pattaya.

Once you find a shop that looks OK from the outside, walk in and they will generally speak enough basic English to tell you how it all works and show you a price list.

At least not for a foreigner anyway that anyone has discovered.

) – Walking into a packed ladies bar and trying to locate the 10 out of 10 stunner and just barfining her straight up has never really worked that well at all and you need to find one that is actively trying to get your attention and almost seems to be fawning over you.

Yes it’s always about money, but sometimes it’s not always just about the money.

If a lady is giving you the eye, that’s a good sign.

In all the years of mongering the best approach seems to be LET THE GIRL PICK YOU (within reason!

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