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Simply add two new fields called My Field1 (string) and My Field2 (integer) and uncheck the Smart Box. On the Method Details page make sure the type is Read and the Transaction is Continue.Now remove all methods from the bottom except for the Load. Click Next Twice and on the Service Objects Methods screen remove the Smart Box Service, we will not use it. Press the ellipse button and in the tree select Service Object Server(s) Load.Now you can start using your Smart Object that is Loading from a custom data source.We recently came across an interesting issue where the user would complete an action with Exchange integration (replying to the email with “Approve”) and even though it worked they would always get a second email with: “The K2 server could not find the worklist item 479_54. The full error from the K2 server is ‘The worklist item 479_54 is no longer available or you do not have rights to open it.’.” It took a while to get to the bottom of it, but when you realise what’s going on it’s actually simple to resolve.Smart Box, Active Directory).6) Detailed Steps to Update6.1) Update the Service Make any modifications you need to your service.6.2) Stop the K2 Black Pearl Service Go to Start K2 [Black Peal] Server.Stop the service.6.3) Replace the Smart Object Servuce dll Drop in the new dll overriding the old dll in \Program Files\K2 blackpearl\Service Broker.6.4) Restart the K2 Black Pearl Service If you have not closed the Service Console, simply restart the service.6.5) Refresh Service Instances Start the Broker executable in \Program Files\K2 blackpearl\Service Broker.A developer will map the fields of their Smart Object to the method properties of a Service Object.

This article will not dive into the details for best practices on to build SOA compliant services. An administrator will enter the value within the K2 Workspace.K2 provides you some Smart Object Services:5) Detailed Steps to Create5.1) Create Class Library Create a standard class library. Add the following using statements:using Source Code. Fourth, you will need to add methods to your service and in this example I created a Load method. Types;5.2) Create Smart Object Service Create class that inherits from Service Assembly Base.I highly recommend reading going to the Microsoft Patterns & Practices Website and review their patterns for web services. All you need to do is add values in a Key/Value pair fashion; similar to creating a config file.5.2.2) Describe Schema()Describe Schema() is the method that is used to define the interface for the Smart Object service.Smart Object Services are not web services however the architecture used to build one is comparable. The values that you set within this interface will dictate how developers will hook their Smart Objects into your Smart Object Service. This information will be presented to the developer when they are selecting a service to use with a Smart Object. This broker class can have one to many Service Objects.

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