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’ “I don’t know if I’d get jealous of him kissing another co-star for work – I’ve never seen him do it yet.I’d like to say no because it is work, but when it happens I’ll probably go mad!ANNOUNCEMENT: MICA PARIS (@Mica Paris Soul) & JORGIE PORTER (@mis JORGIEPORTER) will headline the 30th Anniversary tour of Fame (@famemusicaluk), directed & choreographed by NICK WINSTON (@N1CKW1NSTON).pic.twitter.com/2l Vn Zc Cpw5 Want to see what the Fame cast have been up to? 💋💃🏻 #Fame Lives Forever pic.twitter.com/FGGy WFOWkz Have been thinking of the victims and loved ones affected by the Manchester bombings that happened 1 year ago, today.I can’t wait for everyone to see it, we laughed non-stop."As well as her acting, Jorgie is also currently supporting pet brand Purina with its We Are Better With Pets campaign.Jorgie says the movement, which aims to create a better world for pets, is close to her heart because her dog Lady is her best friend.

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Additionally, she has also several images taken showing the effects and the damages of the sun burn.It makes me laugh and keeps me happy and I don’t want to leave that.“Theresa has had loads of twists and turns, from snogging every boy on the block to killing someone, having a baby, every bit has been an absolute privilege and long may it continue.” But Jorgie admitted when Theresa became a mum, she found it really hard working with the baby.Later, in October of 2013, she stated that she was leaving Hollyoaks at end of her show contract.After a year in the month of April, she again announced her return to that show.

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