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Several West Wing officials and friends of the president pointed to their running conversations – whether they take place over the phone or on the golf course in Florida as they did in late March – as crucial to understanding this moment in the Trump presidency, when the US leader is eager to return to the combative and television-infused style of his business career and more isolated than ever from the traditional Republicans who have struggled to guide him.“There is a small group of people who Trump speaks with who truly don’t have to be obsequious,” a veteran Trump ally said.Fox News said in a statement that while the network “was unaware of Sean Hannity’s informal relationship with Michael Cohen and was surprised by the announcement in court yesterday, we have reviewed the matter and spoken to Sean and he continues to have our full support.” Advisers, at times, refer to Hannity as the “shadow” chief of staff, rivalling White House chief of staff John Kelly in terms of influence.Whenever Mr Trump is irritated by his staff, he turns to outside allies and Hannity is usually atop the call list.When he’s off the phone, Mr Trump is known to cite Hannity when he talks with White House advisers.The revelation this week that the two men share an attorney is just the latest sign of how Hannity is intertwined with Mr Trump’s world – an increasingly powerful confidant who offers the media-driven president a sympathetic ear and shared grievances.On air, Hannity has accused Rosenstein of launching a “war” on Mr Trump and called Mr Mueller part of “deep state crime” family.

And Mr Trump, in turn, has directed his supporters to Hannity’s show – urging people on Twitter last week to watch the commentator attack special counsel Robert Mueller, who heads the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 campaign.

Their bond intensified during the 2016 campaign and has grown even stronger during Mr Trump’s time in office.

“The bottom line is, during the heat of the campaign when relationships are forged, he was always there, offering good advice, in person and on television,” former deputy Trump campaign manager David Bossie said of Hannity.

During one of Mr Cohen’s appearances in 2012, Hannity noted that he was wearing a Trump tie. Earlier this week, an attorney for Mr Cohen, who is under criminal investigation, revealed in federal court that the longtime Trump attorney had also done legal work for Hannity.

Hannity told viewers that night that the advice he sought from Mr Cohen – which he did not disclose in recent weeks as he criticised raids of the lawyer’s office and residences – was “minor” and focused on real estate.

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