Going dutch dating advice

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In case you missed it, Simon Helberg made a major political statement on the red carpet!

I had to get this photograph on my Polaroid,” Kaley Cuoco said, recalling the day they filmed the pivotal season 10 finale moment.

His silly onscreen persona is the perfect match for his sweeter-than-pie personality off screen, and it's probably why he's one of the most relatable actors in Hollywood.

You may need to pick up his caveman club and whack him over the head to get his attention.

"Everyone and their mother was behind the camera for this one scene.

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Like an adventurous knight, the Aries man is forever in pursuit of thrilling new conquests—especially ones that give him the independence (read: no boss) that he craves.

The conversation between the two of you was nothing short of dazzling. You and your date both agree that this place should become a regular spot. You were so into each other that you lost track of those second helpings you both ordered. Factor in the gratuitous tip and it looks like you may have to take out a bank loan to pay for this meal. Now due to a lack of communication there is confusion about who is going to pay what.In mixed relationships you will find your fair share of cultural differences, and there will be times when compromise just seems near impossible.The secret to a lasting happy connection is a willingness from both parties to want to understand each other.For example the Balinese are very family orientated and if you expect to marry a Balinese man you might just end up playing house with the mother in law.You must make it a point to be aware of what is expected in the relationship.

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